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Northern League 3rd August 2013 Salford
Last edited: Sunday August 11th 2013
Warrington Athletic Club completed their Northern League programme on Saturday 3rd August at Cleveleys Athletic Track Salford finishing in 7th place in the match and 7th place in the final league table.
In the women's events Jemma Eyre won the A 800 metres while Kiera Grady won the B race.Lizzie Smith moved down in distance to finish in 2nd place in the 400 metres and 3rd in the 200 metres with Julie Hicken finishing 2nd in the B 200 metres. In the field events Heather Beeton took 2nd place in the A Hammer while Sally Dempster was also 2nd in the B Hammer.
In the men's events under 20 James Webster took a rest from Hurdling to finish 2nd in the 100 metres and win the 200 metres both in personal best times and then anchored the 4 x 400 metres relay in which he was the oldest member of the team to victory with a split of 49.8 seconds the rest of the team all being under 17. In the 5000 metres Cameron Field made his debut over the distance and ran out a comfortable winner by half a lap. In the 1500 metres under 17 Chris Fance got caught out at the start of the final lap by the Chorley runner and was just unable to get back to him in the finishing straight finishing in 2nd place. Behind him under 17 Leighton Sharman ran an excellent race to finish in 4th place overall and take the win in the B race. Chris and Leighton along with Robert Dykes who ran in the 400 metres made up the 4 x 400 metres relay team with James Webster.

Women Alice Clare,100mA,5th,14.1 secs/LJA,5th,3.67m/TJA,5th,7.82m:
Laura Brown,100mB,4th,17.4 secs:
Lizzie Smith,200mA,3rd,28.5 secs/400mA,2nd,62.1 secs:
Julie Hicken,200mB,2nd,32.4secs:
Jemma Eyre,800mA,1st,2min 33.0secs:
Kiera Grady,800mB,1st,2min 35.3secs/400mB,2nd,66.5secs:
Sally Dempster,ShotA,3rd,6.72m/DiscusA,4th,16.83m/HammerB,2nd,18.84m:
Heather Beeton,ShotB,5th,5.14m/DiscusB,3rd,16.45m/HammerA,2nd,23.12m:
4x100m relay,3rd,Kiera Grady, Sally Dempster, Lizzie Smith, Alice Clare,60.9secs:
Men James Webster,100mA,2nd,11.3secs/200mA,1st,22.5secs:
Adam Nicholls,100mB,4th,12.2secs/LJA,3rd,5.46m/ShotA,7th,6.39m:
Robert Dykes,400mA,5th,55.3secs:
Chris Fance,1500mA,2nd,4min 18.6secs:
Leighton Sharman,1500mB,1st,4min 29.6secs:
Cameron Field,5000mA,1st,16min 07.5secs:
Dave Spencer,HammerA,6th,15.32m:
4x400m relay,1st,Robert Dykes, Leighton Sharman, Chris Fance, James Webster,3min 38.7secs:
Match Result
1 Deeside 403 points
2 Isle of Man 402.5 points
3 Hyndburn 367 points
4 Salford Metropolitan 295 points
5 Chorley 285 points
6 Wigan 258.5 points
7 Warrington 241 points

League Result
1 Deeside 28 points 1488 points
2 Hyndburn 24 points 1411 points
3 Isle of Man 24 points 1291.5 points
4 Chorley 22 points 1282 points
5 Wigan 17 points 1197.5 points
6 Salford Metropolitan 14 points 983 points
7 Warrington 10 points 931 points
8 Colwyn Bay 4 points 364 points