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North West Road Relay Sunday 15th September 2013
Last edited: Wednesday September 18th 2013
The North West Road Relay Championships incorporating the Cheshire Championships were held on Sunday 15th September at the Salt Ayre Sports Centre Lancaster over a fairly flat course but in very tough weather conditions.
In the women's events Warrington Athletic Club fielded teams in the under 15 and under 17 races collecting both Cheshire titles. In the under 15 race the A team of Vicky Ramsbottom, Melissa Boyer and Lauren Ferris finished in 4th place in the North West and 1st in the Cheshire while the B team of Lauren Goddard, Georgia Aston-Massey and Amy Gibbons finished 9th in the North West and took 2nd place in the Cheshire. Olivia Bush ran on the first leg for an incomplete C team. In the under 17 women's race the team of Lizzie Smith, Kiera Grady and Alysha Goddard also finished in 4th place in the North West and took the Cheshire title.
In the Men's events the under 13 team of Sam Evans, Jordan Jones and Ben Harrison took 3rd place in the North West and collected the Cheshire title while in the under 17 men's the team of Liam Burthem, Leighton Sharman and Chris Fance were 2nd in the North West and won the Cheshire title. In the senior race the Chris Smith and veteran Steve Burthem were 26th in the North West but still collected the Cheshire title. Fastest times in the Cheshire Championships were achieved by Vicky Ramsbottom (under 15 girls), Lizzie Smith (under 17 women), Liam Burthem (under 17 men) and Matt Hulse (Senior/Junior) while in the under 13 boys Sam Evans was the fastest in the North West.

under 15 A team 4th North West 1st Cheshire
Vicky Ramsbottom 8 min 28 secs
Melissa Boyer 8 min 38 secs
Lauren Ferris 8 min 58 secs
Total 26 min 04 secs
B team 9th North West 2nd Cheshire
Lauren Goddard 8 min 47 secs
Georgia Aston-Massey 9 min 11 secs
Amy Gibbons 9 min 30 secs
Total 27 min 38 secs
C team Olivia Bush 8 min 57 secs
under 17 4th North West 1st Cheshire
Lizzie Smith 8 min 28 secs
Kiera Grady 9 min 09 secs
Alysha Goddard 8 min 46 secs
Total 26 min 23 secs
under 13 3rd North West 1st Cheshire
Sam Evans 8 min 01 secs
Jordan Jones 8 min 52 secs
Ben Harrison 8 min 35 secs
Total 25 min 28 secs
under 17 2nd North West 1st Cheshire
Liam Burthem 14 min 09 secs
Leighton Sharman 14 min 47 secs
Chris Fance 15 min 37 secs
Total 44 min 33 secs
Senior/Junior 26th North West 1st Cheshire
Cameron Field 14 min 15 secs
Matt Hulse 14 min 10 secs
Chris Smith 16 min 40 secs
Steve Burthem 16 min 15 secs
Total 61 min 20 secs