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Youth Development League Ashton-under-Lyne 3rd May 2014
Last edited: Tuesday May 6th 2014

The first match of the Youth Development League took place at Ashton under Lyne on Saturday 3rd May with Warrington Athletic Clubís under 13 and under 15 boys and girls producing a large collection of personal best performances.In the under 13 Girls events Natasha Ryder was the only individual winner taking first place in the High Jump while in the under 15 events Melissa Boyer done a 300/800 metres double and Lauren Ferris and Hannah Shaw won the 1500 metres and 75 metres hurdles respectively while Amy Gibbons won the B 800 metres.In the Boys events Ben Robinson don the sprint double winning the under 13ís 100 and 200 metres while Sam Evans and Joseph Williams won the 800 metres and 75 metres hurdles respectively.In the under 15 events Daniel Fox was the only individual winner taking first in the B 1500 metres.Overall the team finished in 3rd place in the match.
Ella Sherratt,75mA,4th,11.1 secs/150mA,3rd,21.7 secs/Long JumpA,4th,3.76m:
Nicole Metcalfe,75mB,8th,14.0 secs/150mB,7th,27.5 secs/Long JumpB,7th,2.55m:
Maeve Shelley,800mA,7th,3min 18.6 secs/ShotB,7th,2.62m:
Lucia Meloni,1200mA,6th,4 min 28.1 secs/JavelinA,6th,7.73m:
Charlotte Stokes,1200mB,4th,4 min 51.8 secs:
Natasha Ryder,70mHA,2nd,13.5 secs/ShotA,6th,4.87m/High JumpA,1st,1.25m:
Isobel Webster,70mHB,3rd,15.0 secs/High JumpB,2nd,1.10m:
4x100m relay,Charlotte Stokes,Natasha Ryder,Lucia Meloni,Ella Sherratt,5th,61.9 secs:
Eleanor Hough,100mA,5th,13.7secs/75mHB,3rd,15.7secs/Long JumpA,6th,3.73m:
Joanna Ravenscroft,100mB,2nd,14.1 secs/Long JumpB,5th,3.44m:
Hannah Shaw,200mA,6th,30.1secs/75mHA,1st,13.0secs/High JumpA,3rd,1.35m:
Lara Spiteri,200mB,2nd,29.1 secs/DiscusB,3rd,9.47m/High JumpB,2nd,1.25m:
Melissa Boyer,300mA,1st,44.6 secs/800mA,1st,2 min 22.6 secs:
Isobel Bircumshaw,300mB,4th,50.3secs/HammerB,2nd,15.36m:
Amy Gibbons,800mB,1st,2 min 30.3 secs/JavelinB,2nd,6.57m:
Laren Ferris,1500mA,1st,5 min 00.6 secs:
Lauren Goddard,1500mB,2nd,5 min 19.8 secs:
Megan Kettle,DiscusA,4th,14.00m/HammerA,2nd,25.24m:
4x100m relay,Lara Spiteri,Eleanor Hough,Joanna Ravenscroft,Hannah Shaw,3rd,56.5 secs:
4x300m relay,Lauren Ferris,Amy Gibbons,Lauren Goddard,Melissa Boyer,2nd,3 min 10.5 secs:
Ben Robinson,100mA,1st,13.3 secs/200mA,1st,27.8 secs/High JumpA,4th,1.15m:
Joseph Williams,100mB,6th,15.4 secs/75mHA,1st,15.4 secs/JavelinA,5th,16.82m:
Oliver Chi,200mB,3rd,30,0 secs/Long JumpA,6th,3.81m:
Sam Evans,800mA,1st 2 min 21.1 secs:
Jacque Lapatrie,800mB,4th,3 min 24.3 secs/Long JumpB,5th,2.69m:
4x100m relay,Joseph Williams,Oliver Chi,Sam Evans,Ben Robinson,3rd,58.9 secs:
Jamie Pickett,100mA,4th,13.0 secs/200mB,2nd,25.7 secs/High JumpA,5th,1.40m:
Michael Lynch,100mB,6th,14.4 secs/Long JumpB,2nd,3.91m:
Thomas Baines,200mA,2nd,26.0 secs/300mA,2nd,40.4 secs/Long JumpA5th,4.17m:
James Dykes,300mB,5th,51.0 secs/HammerB,2nd,7.29m/ShotA,6th,5.09m:
Sam Rostron,800mA,3rd,2 min 17.3 secs/HammerA,2nd,11.19m:
Luke Gamble,800mB,3rd,2 min 29.2 secs/JavelinA,5th,17.85m:
Jack Stubbings,1500mA,2nd,4 min 38.5 secs/DiscusB,2nd,12.84m/JavelinB,4th,12.18m:
Daniel Fox,1st,4 min 48.7 secs/ShotB,4th,4.25m:
4x100m relay,Jamie Pickett,Michael Lynch,James Dykes,Thomas Baines,5th,55.5 secs:
4x300m relay,Luke Gamble,Jack Stubbings,Daniel Fox,Sam Rostron,4th,3 min 09.1 secs:

Match Result
1 Stockport 707 points
2 East Cheshire 577 points
3 Warrington 563 points
4 Macclesfield 486.5 points
5 Border 358 points
6 Horwich 328 points
7 Wrexham 246.5 points
8 Deeside 242 points