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Cheshire Championships 17-18th May 2014 Macclesfield
Last edited: Tuesday May 20th 2014
Cheshire Championships

Thirty-Six Warrington Athletic Club athletes took part in the Cheshire Championships at Macclesfield over the weekend of 17/18th May taking 16 Gold,12 Silver and 8 Bronze Medals and 33 of them achieving at least one personal best performance and some more than one to make a total of 42 personal bests.In the 800 metres events there were 6 titles won over the age groups despite the windy conditions.
In the Womenís events Carys McAulay achieved a double victory in the under 17 age group in the 300 metres (40.25 seconds) and 800 metres (2 minutes 14 .68 seconds) both personal bests and the moved her to 5th in th UK at 300 metres and 8th in the 800metres with both being the fastest in the Scottish rankings.In the 3000 metres Sarah McGrail won the title in 10 minutes 22.21 seconds and Victoria Ramsbottom took the Bronze medal in 10 minutes 52.14 seconds.Sarah also won a Bronze medal in the 1500 metres in 4 minutes 41.86 seconds which with her Irish qualification would place her 10th in the Irish senior rankings.Victoria finished in 4th place with 4 minutes 58.26 seconds.In the 100 and 200 metres Eleanor Baker won a Silver medal in both with 13,07 seconds and 26.40 seconds respectively both personal bests.
In the under 15 age group Melissa Boyer took the Gold medal in the 800 metres in 2 minutes 19.27 seconds with Lauren Ferris in the Bronze medal position in 2 minutes 22.53 seconds.In the 1500 metres Lauren ran out the winner in 4 minutes 49.28 seconds with Melissa 2nd in 4 minutes 53.04 seconds a new personal best.Laurenís times improved her bests by more than 8 seconds for the 800 metres and nearly 10 seconds for the 1500 metres.Hannah Shaw took part in three events taking a Gold (shared) in the High Jump (1.30 metres) and a Bronze in the 75 metres hurdles (12.95 seconds which is a personal best time.She was 8th in the Long Jump.Lucia Meloni was the only club athlete in the under 13 age group running a personal best in the 1200 metres as she finished 7th in 4 minutes 20.02 seconds.
In the menís events at under 20 level Cameron Field took two titles winning the 800 metres in a personal best (1 minute 58.54 seconds) and 1500 metres (4 minutes 05.72 seconds) leading Chris Fance (4 minutes 22.75 seconds)to the Silver medal in the 1500 metres.In the under 17 age group Daniel Evans took the Gold medal in a new personal best time of 1 minute 55.32 seconds moving to 5th in the UK rankings and leading Robert Dykes to the Silver medal in 2 minutes 00.88 seconds.In the 1500 metres Owen Lee took the Bronze medal in a new best time of 4 minutes 26.24 seconds.In the 3000 metres Leighton Sharman won a Silver medal in 9 minutes 33.69 seconds a new best time.Cameron Meakin won Silver medals in both the 100 metres hurdles and Long Jump with a personal best 14.29 seconds for the hurdles and 5.94 metres in the Long Jump.
In the under 15 age group Fisayo Williamson-Taylor won a double Gold in the 100 metres and 200 metres in 11.37 seconds (going to 3rd in the UK rankings) and 23.71 seconds respectively and a Silver in the Long Jump with 5.38 metres all personal best performances.Thomas Baines took the Bronze medal in the 200 metres in a new best time of 24.86 seconds.In the 800 metres Jack Evans younger brother of Daniel made a rare appearance in the 800 metres which he won in 2 minutes 05.32 seconds a new best time to go 7th in the UK rankings.In the 1500 metres Jack Stubbings won the Silver medal in 4 minutes 28.88 seconds with Sam Rostron in the Bronze medal position in a new best of 4 minutes 40.09 seconds.James Dykes improved his best in the 300 metres taking the Bronze medal in 50.79 seconds.
In the under 13 age group Ben Robinson won a double Gold in the 100 metres and 200 metres with new best times of 13.36 seconds and 26.93 seconds respectively and a leap of1.20 metres secured him the Silver Medal in the High Jump while a new best jump of 3.91 metres placed him 6th in the Long Jump.Sam Evans (no relation to Jack and Daniel) completed an Evans clan triple in the 800 metres with 2 minutes 20.83 seconds (9th UK) and completed his own double in the 1500 metres with the 3rd fastest time in the UK of 4 minutes 45.56 seconds.Behind Sam in the 1500 metres Jordan Jones smashed his best time in 8th place in 5 minutes 12.53 seconds.In the 75 metres hurdles Joseph Williams took the Silver medal in a best time of 15.16 secs.
u/13 Lucia Meloni 1200 metres 7th 4 min 20.02 secs:
u/15 Rebecca Hardy 100 metres 4th heat 13.86 secs:
Eleanor Hough 100 metres 4th heat 13.79 secs:
Hannah Shaw 100 metres 5th heat 13.83 secs:
75 metres hurdles 3rd 12.95 secs:
High Jump 1st= 1.30 metres:
Long Jump 8th 3.91 metres:
Imogen Proctor 100 metres 6th heat 14.93 secs:
Lauren Ferris 1500 metres 1st 4 min 49.28 secs:
800 metres 2nd 2 min 22.53 secs:
Melissa Boyer 800 metres 1st 2 min 19.27 secs:
1500 metres 2nd 4 min 53.04 secs:
Lauren Bond 75 metres hurdles 5th 14.39 secs:
Long Jump 9th 3.84 metres:
Amy Gibbons 1500 metres 7th 5 min 08.33 secs:
Isabel Trevithick 1500 metres 9th 5 min 35.05 secs:
u/17 Carys McAulay 300 metres 1st 40.25 secs:
800 metres 1st 2 min 14.68 secs:
Olivia Bush 800 metres 4th 2 min 27.10 secs:
Sarah McGrail 1500 metres 3rd 4 min 41.86 secs:
3000 metres 1st 10 min 22.21 secs:
Victoria Ramsbottom 1500 metres 4th 4 min 58.26 secs:
3000 metres 3rd 10 min 52.14 secs:
Kiera Grady 1500 metres 9th 5 min 29.23 secs:
Eleanor Baker 100 metres 2nd 13.07 secs:
200 metres 2nd 26.40 secs:
u/13 Ben Robinson 100 metres 1st 13.36 secs:
200 metres 1st 26.93 secs:
High Jump 2nd 1.20 metres:
Long Jump 6th 3.91 metres:
Adam Shaw 100 metres 6th 14.69 secs:
Sam Evans 800 metres 1st 2 min 20.83 secs:
1500 metres 1st 4 min 45.56 secs:
Jordan Jones 1500 metres 8th 5 min 12.53 secs:
Joseph Williams 75 metres hurdles 2nd 15.16 secs:
u/15 Fisayo Williamson-Taylor 100 metres 1st 11.37 secs:
200 metres 1st 23.71 secs:
Long Jump 2nd 5.38 metres:
Thomas Baines 200 metres 3rd 24.86 secs:
James Dykes 300 metres 3rd 50.79 secs:
Jack Evans 800 metres 1st 2 min 05.32 secs:
Jack Stubbings 1500 metres 2nd 4 min 28.88 secs:
Sam Rostron 1500 metres 3rd 4 min 40.09 secs:
Luke Gamble 1500 metres 6th 4 min 43.98 secs:
Daniel Fox 1500 metres 10th 4 min 52.20 secs:
u/17 Owen Lee 1500 metres 3rd 4 min 26.24 secs:
Leighton Sharman 3000 metres 2nd 9 min 33.69 secs:
Cameron Meakin 100 metres hurdles 2nd 14.29 secs:
Long Jump 2nd 5.94 metres:
Daniel Evans 800 metres 1st 1 min 55.32 secs:
Robert Dykes 800 metres 2nd 2 min 00.88 secs:
u/20 Cameron Field 800 metres 1st 1 min 58.54 secs:
1500 metres 1st 4 min 05.72 secs:
Chris Fance 1500 metres 2nd 4 min 22.75 secs: