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Youth Development League Warrington 31st May 2014
Last edited: Sunday June 1st 2014
Warrington Athletic Club’s under 13/under 15 team had the second match of the season on Saturday 31st May at home in Victoria Park finishing in 3rd place just 3 points behind 2nd place.The achieved 9 victories in A events and 5 in B events with double wins coming from Ben Robinson under 13 boys 100/200 metres,Fisayo Williamson-Taylor with the same in the under 15 boys and Hannah Shaw in the under 15 girls 75 metres hurdles and High Jump.Other wins came from Lauren Ferris under 15 girls 800 metres going under 2 minutes 20 seconds for the first time,Melissa Boyer and Lauren Goddard in the A and B 1500 metres under 15 girls,Isobel Bircumshaw under 15 girls B Hammer,Anna Turner under 13 girls B 70 metres hurdles while in the Boys events Daniel Fox won the B 1500 metres under 15 and in the under 13 boys 800 metres Sam Evans and Lucas Hayes won the A and B races.

u/13 Ella Sherratt,75mA,2nd,10.8 secs/150mA,2nd,21.6 secs/LJA,4th,3.79m:
Anna Turner,75mB,4th,11.6 secs/70mHB,1st,13.7 secs/LJB,2nd,3.45m:
Lucia Meloni,150mB,4th,23.4 secs/800mA,4th,2min 45.2 secs/ShotB,4th,3.65m:
Maeve Shelley,800mB,4th,3 min 15.8 secs:
Charlotte Stokes,1200mA,5th,4 min 43.5 secs/JTA,5th,8.00m:
Lydia Blair,1200mB,3rd,4 min 50.1 secs:
Natasha Ryder,70mHA,2nd,13.0secs/ShotA,6th,5.39m/HJA,2nd equal,1.20m:
4x100m relay,Charlotte Stokes,Natasha Ryder,AnnaTurner,Ella Sherratt,4th,60.0 secs:
u/15 Joanna Ravenscroft,100mA,4th,14.3 secs/200mB,3rd,29.4 secs/LJA,6th,3.73m:
Hannah Shaw,200mA,5th,29.8 secs/75mH,1st,12.9 secs/HJA,1st,1.45m:
Lauren Ferris,300mA,3rd,46.2 secs/800mA,1st,2 min 19.4 secs/JTA,5th,6.76m:
Amy Gibbons,800mB,3rd,2 min 47.3 secs/ShotB,4th,3.58m:
Melissa Boyer,1500mA,1st,4 min 56.0 secs:
Lauren Goddard,1500mB,1st,5 min 18.6 secs:
Isobel Bircumshaw,DiscusA,3rd,16.13m/HammerB,1st,17.17m:
Megan Kettle,DiscusB,2nd,15.99m/HammerA,2nd,24.31m/ShotA,2nd,8.19m:
4x100m relay,Isobel Bircumshaw,Melissa Boyer,Joanna Ravenscroft,Hannah Shaw,3rd,57.4 secs:
4x300m relay,Lauren Ferris,Melissa Boyer,Lauren Goddard,Amy Gibbons,1st,3 min 06.1 secs:
u/13 Ben Robinson,100mA,1st,13.4 secs/200mA,1st,27.7 secs/HJA,4th,1.25m:
Adam Shaw,100mB,5th,15.3 secs/200mB,4th,30.9 secs/LJA,4th,3.52m:
Sam Evans,800mA,1st,2 min 21.0 secs/JTA,6th,10.28m:
Lucas Hayes,800mB,1st,2 min 33.7 secs/ShotA,6th,4.63m/LJB,2nd,3.50m:
Jordan Jones,1500mA,2nd,5 min 05.3 secs/ShotB,4th,3.92m:
4x100m relay,Adam Shaw,Lucas Hayes,Sam Evans,Ben Harrison,3rd,57.7 secs:
u/15 Fisayo Williamson-Taylor,100mA,1st,11.4 secs/200mA,1st,23.7 secs:
Jamie Pickett,100mB,2nd,12.2 secs/HJA,5th,1.45m:
Thomas Baines,200mB,2nd,26.0 secs/300mA,2nd,39.5 secs/LJA,4th,4.37m:
James Dykes,300mB,7th,50.8 secs/HammerA,4th,10.79m/ShotA,7th,5.02m:
Sam Rostron,800mA,5th,2 min 16.2 secs/HammerB2nd,9.79m:
Luke Gamble,800mB,2nd,2 min 24.7 secs/JTA,5th,18.26m:
Jack Stubbings,1500mA,2nd,4 min 28.6 secs/DiscusA,5th,13.37m:
Daniel Fox,1500mB,1st,4 min 43.9 secs/DiscusB,3rd,12.93m/ShotB,5th,3.65m:
Michael Lynch,80mHA,5th,16.4 secs/LJB,4th,3.83m:
Ethan Baird,80mHB,4th,18.6 secs/JTB,3rd,18.20m/HJB,2nd,1.25m:
4x100m relay,Luke Gamble,Michael Lynch,Thomas Baines,Fisayo Williamson-Taylor,6th 57.0 secs:

Match result
1 Stockport 661.5 points
2 East Cheshire & Tameside 590.5 points
3 Warrington 587.5 points
4 Macclesfield 477 points
5 Border 411 points
6 Horwich RMI 345.5 points
7 Wrexham 248 points
8 Deeside 181 points

League Table

1 Stockport 16 points 1352.5 points
2 East Cheshire & Tameside 14 points 1167.5 points
3 Warrington 12 points 1150.5 points
4 Macclesfield 10 points 963.5 points
5 Border 8 points 769 points
6 Horwich RMI 6 points 673.5 points
7 Wrexham 4 points 494.5 points
8 Deeside 2 points 423 points