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Northern League 13thJUly 2014
Last edited: Sunday July 13th 2014
The third round of the Northern League took place at windy Victoria Park Warrington on Sunday 13th July with Warrington Athletic Club recording two A and 4 B wins in the womenís events and 2 A and one B win in the menís events as the team finished the match in 3rd place.
In the womenís events under 17 Lizzie Smith won the 800 metres in 2 minutes 28.0 seconds and finished in 2nd place in the 400 metres while Rachel Jefferson made a return to the track with victory in the 3000 metres and also won the B 1500 metres.Other B winners were Elise Bate in the 4oo metres,Kiera Grady in the 800 metres and Emma Makin in the 3000 metres.In the B 100 and 200 metres veteran Julie Hicken set new best times of 14.8 seconds and 30.9 seconds respectively.
In the Menís events Matt Wigelsworth was a double winner taking the A race in the 400 and 800 metres with 52.0 seconds and 1 minute 58.0 seconds respectively while in the B 800 metres under 17 Owen Lee destroyed his previous best time winning a closely fought race in 2 minutes 06.6 seconds to reduce his best by 3.6 seconds.

Eleanor Baker,100mA,2nd,13.0 secs/LJA,2nd,4.82m/HJA,4th,1.30m:
Julie Hicken,100mB,3rd,14.8secs/200mB,3rd,30.9secs:
Elise Bate,200mA,3rd,30.8secs/400mB,1st,68.7secs:
Lizzie Smith,400mA,2nd,63.4secs/800mA,1st,2 min 28.0 secs:
Kiera Grady,800mB,1st,2 min 40.0 secs:
Georgia Massey,1500mA,2nd,5 min 28.5 secs:
Rachel Jefferson,1500mB,1st,5 min 31.5 secs/3000mA,1st,11 min 58.2 secs:
Emma Makin,3000mB,1st,12 min 42.5 secs/400mHA,2nd,74.6 secs/100mHB,3rd,20.3 secs/TJA,4th,8.68m/HJB,2nd,1.25m:
Heather Beeton,HammerA,3rd,29.64m/DiscusA,6th,17.26m/JavelinA,5th,16.42m/ShotB,5th,5.45m:
Abi Bircumshaw,HammerB,3rd,17.05m/DiscusB,5th,13.51m/ShotA,6th,5.60m:
Helen Darbyshire,JavelinB,6th,8.04m:
4x100m relay,
4x400m relay,

Geoff Douglass,100mA,7th,13.2 secs/LJA,4th,4.80m:
Ladislav Tarik,100mB,6th,12.9 secs/HammerB,2nd,19.48m/DiscusA,3rd,23.40m:
Matt Wigelsworth,400mA,1st,52.0 secs/800mA,1st,1 min 58.0 secs:
Owen Lee,800mB,1st,2 min 06.6 secs:
Chris Fance,1500mA,2nd,4 min 18.3 secs:
Mike Hilton,HammerA,4th,20.57m/DiscusB,3rd,17.93m/JavelinA,6th,16.38m/ShotA,7th,5.45m:

Match Result
1 Wrexham 417 points
2 Southport Waterloo 372 points
3 Warrington 279 points
4 Salford Metropolitan 226 points
5 Isle of Man 222 points
6 Crewe and Nantwich 219 points
7 Altrincham 154 points

League Positions
1 Wrexham 21 points 1143 points
2 Southport Waterloo 12 points 1076 points
3 Salford Metropolitan 12 points 883 points
4 Warrington 11 points 689 points
5 Altrincham 8 points 689 points
6 Isle of Man 7 points 510 points
7 Crewe and Nantwich 6 points 562 points