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North West Road Relays Woodbank Park Stockport Incorporating Cheshire Relays 13th September 2014
Last edited: Tuesday September 16th 2014
The North West Road Relays incorporating the Cheshire Relays were held on Saturday 13th September at Woodbank Park Stockport.Warrington Athletic Club were represented in all races from under 13 to Senior level apart from the Senior Womenís race and came back with one North West title plus two Cheshire titles and 3 runners up in the Cheshire.
In the under 13 category the girls team finished 14th overall and 4th in the Cheshire with a total time of 31 minutes 27 seconds while the boys took first place in the North West and Cheshire Championships in 26 minutes 18 seconds with Sam Evans on the 2nd stage running the fastest time of the race with 8 minutes 17 seconds.
In the under 15 age category the girls A team with Melissa Boyer running the 5th fastest time in the race on the 1st leg finished in 6th place winning the Cheshire title in a total time of 28 minutes 13 seconds and the B team finished in 18th place and 5th in the Cheshire with a time of 30 minutes 55 seconds.In the boys race the team finished in 4th place in 25 minutes 14 seconds.In the under 17 age group the Womenís team finished in 5th place taking the Silver medals in the Cheshire with 29 minutes 09 seconds while in the Menís race the team finished in 4th place and also took the Cheshire Silver Medals with 37 minutes 33 seconds.
The day came to an end with the Senior Menís race where due to overnight illness Cameron Field was unable to run.The teams were rejigged moving Matt Wigelsworth up in place of Cameron.With Matt not being Cheshire qualified the team could not count in the Cheshire race.Matt brought the team home on the first leg in 18th place handing over to Liam Burthem who moved up to 10th place before Chris Fance took the third stage dropping back to 13th place and passing on to former British International Nick Jones for the final stage.Nick then moved the team back up to finish in 10th place with a time of 47 minutes 30 seconds.Due to Cameronís illness the B team were unable to finish.

RESULTS (positions at end of stage in brackets)
u/13 A team 14th Lucia Meloni (12) 9 mins 59 secs,Lydia Blair(12) 10 mins 31 secs,Charlotte Stokes (14) 10 mins 57 secs total time 31 mins 27 secs (4th Cheshire)
B team Incomplete India Hayes (13) 10 mins 06 secs
u/15 A team 6th Melissa Boyer (4) 8 mins 59 secs,Lauren Ferris (5) 9 mins 25 secs,Lauren Goddard (6) 9 mins 49 secs total time 28 mins 13 secs ( 1st Cheshire)
B team 18th Amy Gibbons (14) 9 min 56 secs,Megan Atherton (17) 10 mins 43 secs,Isabelle Trevithick (18) 10 mins 17 secs total time 30 mins 55 secs (5th Cheshire)
u/17 A team 5th Victoria Ramsbottom(6) 9 mins 11 secs,Kiera Grady (7) 10 mins 35 secs,Georgia Massey (5) 9 mins 23 secs (2nd Cheshire)
B team Incomplete Jasmine Dobson (10) 9 mins 57 secs
u/13 1st Lucas Hayes (7) 9 mins 08 secs,Sam Evans (1) 8 mins 17 secs,Jordan Jones (1) 8 mins 53 secs total time 26 min 18 secs (1st Cheshire)
u/15 4th Jack Stubbings (4) 8 mins 17 secs,Sam Rostron (1) 8 mins 21 secs,Daniel Fox (4) 8 mins 36 secs total time 25 mins 14 secs (2nd Cheshire)
u/17 4th Owen Lee (5) 12 mins 01 secs,Leighton Sharman (4) 12 mins 29 secs,Robert Dykes (4) 13 mins 03 secs total time 37 mins 33 secs (2nd Cheshire)
Senior A team 10th Matt Wigelsworth (18) 11 mins 55 secs,Liam Burthem (10) 11 mins 33 secs,Chris Fance (13) 12 mins 34 secs,Nick Jones (10) 11 mins 28 secs total time 47 mins 30 secs
B team Incomplete Steve Watmough (57) 13 mins 55 secs,Ladislav Taric (53) 14 mins 58 secs,Steve Burthem (50) 13 mins 40 secs

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