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National Road Relays Sutton Park Sutton Coldfield 5th October 2014
Last edited: Sunday October 12th 2014
The National Road Relay Championships for Young Athletes were held at Sutton Park Sutton Coldfield on Sunday 5th October with Warrington Athletic Club represented in all six races.

The day started with the under 13 age group where the girls were first to run and with all three girls being in their first year in the age group it was a tough race for them. Lucia Meloni ran the first leg and ran well to hand over in 33rd place with a time of 15 minutes 58 seconds. Lydia Blair took over and ran steadily to hand over in 36th place with a time of 17 minutes 20 seconds. Charlotte Stokes took over for the final leg and also ran steadily to bring the team home in 38th place recording 17 minutes 31 seconds giving them a total time of 50 minutes 49 seconds.

The next race was the boys with Lucas Hayes exceeding expectations to hand over in 17th place with an excellent run of 14 minutes 36 seconds to hand over to Sam Evans. Sam took off with a deficit of 62 seconds on the leaders Charnwood and proceeded to decimate the opposition as he stormed through the runners ahead of him to hand over to Jordan Jones in second place recording the fastest time in the race with 13 minutes 01 seconds which was 33 seconds faster than anyone else. This time is the second fastest ever for the age group behind Ben Dijkstra of Leicester Coritanian who has gone on to win many titles including taking the Gold Medal in the Youth Olympic Games Triathlon in August and also recorded the fastest time in the under 17 menís race later in the afternoon. Jordan Jones took over for the final leg and ran superbly to record 14 minutes 13 seconds which was 2 minutes faster than he ran last year to secure the Silver Medals for the team with a total time of 41 minutes 34 seconds.

Next up were the under 15ís with the girls A team being led off by Lauren Ferris on the first leg. Lauren ran strongly to finish 28th in 15 minutes exactly handing over to Melissa Boyer for the second leg. Melissa ran excellently to move the team through to 19th place with a time of 14 minutes 52 seconds. On the final leg Amy Gibbons had an off form day dropping back to bring the team home in 29th place recording 16 minutes 47 seconds for a total time of 46 minutes 39 seconds.Lauren Goddard ran on the first leg for an incomplete B team recording 15 minutes 36 seconds for 44th place.

In the Boys under 15ís Sam Rostron ran the first stage but after being well up early on struggled later to drop back handing over in 43rd place recording 13 minutes 40 seconds.Jack Stubbings took over for the second stage and ran well to move the team up to 20th place recording 13 minutes 09 seconds before passing over to Daniel Fox for the final stage.Daniel ran well on the final stage to move the team up a further three places to bring them home in 17th place recording 13 minutes 32 seconds for a final time of 40 minutes 30 seconds.

In the under 17 womenís race the A team was led off on the first stage by Vicky Ramsbottom who was well up early on but had started too fast and struggled later finishing in 27th place in 15 minutes 08 seconds.Olivia Bush took over for the second stage and fought hard all the way but dropped one place to hand over in 28th place recording a time of 16 minutes 11 seconds before passing over to Harriet Knowles-Jones for the final stage.Harriet stormed through the opposition moving the team up to finish in 12th place recording 12 minutes 53 seconds for a final time of 44 minutes 12 seconds.Harrietís time is the third fastest recorded by an under 17 woman being beaten by Jessica Judd who has gone on to run in the Commonwealth Games,European and World Championships and is the current World Junior Silver Medallist at 800 metres.Harriet was 29 seconds faster than the next runner in the race.The B team were led off on the first stage by a good run from Jasmine Dobson with 15 minutes 53 seconds handing over to Kiera Grady who recorded 17 minutes 17 seconds as she dropped back on place to 39th.On the final stage Georgia Massey ran strongly to move the team up to a final position of 33rd in a final time of 49 minutes 52 seconds.

The day was brought to an end by the under 17 menís race.Owen Lee took the first stage running well to hand over in 42nd place to Daniel Evans recording 13 minutes 12 seconds.Daniel returning following injury ran an excellent stage recording 12 minutes 02 seconds to storm through to 15th place.The final stage was taken by Leighton Sharman who ran well moving the team up to finish in 14th place recording 13 minutes 02 seconds for a final time of 38 minutes 16 seconds.