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Trafford Grand Prix Longford Stadium Trafford 5th May 2015
Last edited: Wednesday May 20th 2015
Nineteen Warrington Athletic Club athletes took part in the Trafford Grand Prix on Tuesday 5th May at Longford Stadium in extremely windy conditions which added about 2 seconds per lap to times.
In the 800 metres series Robert Dykes finished 2nd in his race in 2 minutes 05.64 seconds while Dan Richardson was 8th in his race in 2 minutes 12.12 seconds,Carys McAulay was 4th in hers in 2 minutes 11.91 seconds.Melissa Boyer was 7th in her race in 2 minutes 29.39 seconds and Amy Gibbons completed the 800 metres events in 3rd place in her race in 2 minutes 34.42 seconds.
In the 1500 metres series runners from the club took part in 5 races.Jordan Jones was 12th in his under 15 race in 4 minutes 58.04 seconds while in the girls under 15 race Elizabeth Wright was 11th and India Hayes 14th in 5 minutes 18.38 seconds and 5 minutes 25.51 seconds respectively.Chris Fance won his race in 4 minutes 13.34 seconds with Jack Stubbings 10th and Harriet Knowles-Jones 12th in 4 minutes 28.33 seconds and 4 minutes 32.55 seconds respectively.Next up was Sam Rostron 5th in his race in 4 minutes 34.11 seconds and Dan Fox behind him in 10th place in 4 minutes 49.67 seconds.Katie Lowery and Luke Gamble completed the 1500 metres with Katie 1st in 4 minutes 45.93 seconds and Luke 3rd in 4 minutes 56.95 seconds.
In the 3000 metres series Matt Wigelsworth finished in 9th place in 9 minutes 13.55 seconds with Andy Green behind him in 14th place in 9 minutes 18.49 seconds.In the next race Nick Jones was 2nd in 9 minutes 21.84 seconds and in the final race Lauren Ferris was 21st in 10 minutes 59.82 seconds.