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WAC Presentation Evening | 22nd January 2016
Last edited: Monday January 25th 2016
The Warrington Athletics presentation evening for the 2015 season took place on 22nd January 2016. Thank you for supporting us by turning out on the night.

Some photos from the evening can be seen by clicking here. (click here)

Schedule of events :-

In memory of Neil Shaw

Last October, Neil Shaw passed away suddenly. Neil had been bringing his daughter Hannah to the track for the last 6 years and then a bit later his son Adam. Neil has assisted greatly at Warrington Athletics and won our 'Contributor of the Year' award last year. He gradually became involved in the set-up and qualified as a 'Track Judge' after completing the UK Athletics training. Whenever possible, he would always volunteer to assist at open and team competitions. Over the last few years, he has provided regular support to Karen Greenfield, coaching this group and deputising in Karen's absence.

All the athletes that came into contact with Neil loved his relaxed and cheerful manner and he will be missed greatly at the track. Despite a general lack of athlete numbers in the upper age group, Neil proactively took on the management of the team and organised the 4 meetings including one that we hosted at Victoria Park. After the four meetings, the team came an excellent 2nd in their league. Many of the volunteers and athletes attended a wonderful service in his memory, where, in his own words, he wanted us to �get over it� but if we could have a round of applause for Neil and his invaluable contribution to the club.

YDL Upper Participants presentation
YDL Lower Participants presentation
Sportshall Participants presentation

Cross country awards

Awards for the best overall performance in cross-country races from late 2014 into early 2015 :-

U11G 1. Ashley Nemits (15) 2. Maya Evans (11) 3. Jasmine Jones (5)
U11B 1. Aiden Perkins (2), 2. William Bainbridge (1)
U13G 1. India Hayes (5), 2= Lydia Blair, Charlotte Stokes (2)
U13B 1. Sam Evans (19), 2. Ben Harrison (11), 3. Jordan Jones (7)
U15G 1. Lauren Ferris (9), 2. Milly Boyer (7), 3. Isabelle Trevithick (4)
U15B 1. Jack Stubbings (14), 2. Sam Rostron (7), 3. Luke Gamble (4)
U17G 1. Harriet Knowles-Jones (12), 2. Jasmine Dobson (9) 3. Lizzy Smith (7)
U17B 1= Dan Evans, Owen Lee (2), 2. Rob Dykes (1)
U20L 1. Holly Tidd (1)
U20M 1. David Gerrard (1)
No Senior Ladies
SM 1. Tom Jervis (3), 2. Steve Watmough (2), 3= Steve Burthem, Tony McCarthy and Nick Jones (1)

Club Champs Participants presentation

Club Champs (Lower) Awards :-

1. Evie Schofield 22pts
2. Amelia Percival 16pts
3. Katie Barcoe 12pts

1.Zak Chamun 23pts
2. Charlie Cliffe 20pts
3. Charlie Jones 18pts

1.Meg Corker 24pts
2. Georgina Cassidy 10pts
3. Maisie Bell 9pts

1.Danny Hartland 21pts
2.Seb Caton 17pts
3.Rhys Hopkins 16pts

1.Ashley Nemits 24pts
2.Charlotte Stokes 20pts
3= Natalie Chamun & Emily Jackson 18pts

1.Adam Shaw 23pts
2. Ethan Cain 19pts
3= William Bainbridge & Thomas Ashton 17pts

Club Champs (Upper) Awards :-

U15 Girls 1. Charlotte Robinson 2= Lucy Harrison & Natasha Ryder
U15 Boys 1. Joshua Herrington 2. Ethan Baird 3. Joseph Williams

U17 Ladies 1. Hannah Shaw 2. Lauren Ferris 3. Ellie Baker
U17 Men 1. Cameron Meakin 2. Sam Rostron 3= Luke Gamble & Jack Stubbings

U20 Ladies 1. Alice Clare 2. Harriet Knowles-Jones 3. Lizzy Smith
U20 Men 1. Chris Fance 2. Ben Sutcliffe 3. Matt Wigelsworth

Sen Ladies 1. Kelly Crossley 2. Helen Darbyshire 3. Julie Hicken
Sen Men 1. Ladislav Taric 2. David Gill 3. Neil Petley

International Honours

Congratulations to the following athletes who achieved international honours last year

Katie Lowery was part of the English Schools team at the SIAB Schools international in July, competing in the 1500m.

Carys McAulay represented GB & NI in the World Youth Games in Columbia in July. Carys came 4th in the 800m final. She also represented Scotland in the Commonwealth Youth Games in Samoa, this time coming 2nd in the 800m final.

Harriet Knowles-Jones represented GB & NI NI in the World Youth Games in Columbia in July where she was 4th in the 1500m. She came 2nd in the European Cross Country in France in December beating her rival and team-mate Bobby Clay.

Coach of the Year

This coach has been selected as Coach of the Year because he continues to coach a successful group of athletes who are collecting titles around the UK and challenging for titles around the world.

Among the athletes he coaches are

� Sam Evans winner last year of Cheshire County and Cheshire Schools titles on Track and Country

� Carys McAulay 4th in the World Youth Championships 800 metres and Commonwealth Youth Games Silver Medallist at 800 metres

� Nick Jones Northern Veterans XC champion, 8th in British Veterans XC and Northern Veterans 3000 metres winner in 9 minutes 21.84 seconds which is 2nd ranked over 40 in UK

� Andy Green - World ranked number 1 on the road over 50 at 5 kilometres (15 minutes 30 seconds),10 kilometres (31 minutes 33 seconds) and Half Marathon (71 minutes 10 seconds) and 5th ranked at 3000 metres on the track with 9 minutes 18.49 seconds which also ranks him 2nd in the UK.

A big pat on the back to the Coach of the Year 2015 � Phil Hicken

Contributor of the Year Awards

Running of the club continues via volunteers for coaching, officials and general management. So there are many worthy recipients of this award. Alice, Emma, Em & Rach continue to do a great job with the induction group attracting high numbers to their sessions. The coaches give a tremendous amount of time to the club � Dave, Sharon, Russ, Phil, Jim, Karen, Helen, Nev, Julian, Fiona. And another thank you to Nicky & David Robinson and Paul Ravenscroft for their help with the YDL.

The first award tonight is for his continued club support. He continues to keep the club accounts balanced despite bits and bobs coming in from all angles; advises how the invest income, is always helpful and generous of his time, regularly attending committee meetings. So Frank Gladman, thank you for all your hard work, energy, commitment and support.

Now I would have given the 2nd recipient an award years ago for making us all laugh when she tried to put away her pop-up tent at all those YDL meetings we attended. But more recently she has been helping in lots of areas of the club i.e. on the gate, in the shop, on the track at open meetings etc She is always helpful and kind and has the ability of make everyone feel welcome and supported. It�s Lynda Dykes.

Club Member(s) of the Year

The Club Member of the Year awards (one for girls, one for boys) are given to those athletes that do not necessarily win gold every time but, nevertheless, display a great attitude and act as a great role model to other athletes at the club.

The Female Club Member of the Year
This recipient came to club four years ago. She seems to have grown by four foot in that time. Since then she has been an ever present at training, come rain or shine. She is quite shy but always has a smile on her face and is extremely polite and welcoming to new starters � a delight to have at the club. She is always willing to help out in whenever needed and has developed more confidence over the last couple of years. She has represented her school and club in track and field and cross country team competitions. She took part in all 4 Youth Development League meetings and recently came 2nd in the Cheshire Cross Country Championships at Reaseheath. A member of Russ�s group, I am very pleased to announce that the Female Club Member of Year award goes to India Hayes.

The Male Club Member of the Year
Another seemingly quite shy individual but, again, always at the track, joining the club about 4 years ago. A very strong team player, he his power of 10 profile is very busy with park runs, youth development league meetings, open meetings, road relays and cross country at county, inter-county northern and England levels. A successful 2015 where he came 1st in the 1500m at the Cheshire County & Cheshire Schools competitions. He was 3rd in the the Cheshire Cross Country Championships a couple of weeks ago. A member of Julian�s group, the winner of Male Club Member of Year is Jack Stubbings.

Athlete of the Year 2014 (Suzie Chiverton Memorial Award)

Award for best overall performance by a female and male athlete at the club as voted by the coaches and committee.

It has been a strong year yet again.

We have had Club records set by :-

Ashley Nemits, U13G, 600m with 1.42.96
Liz Wright, U15G, 600m with 1.42.48
Megan Kettle, U15G, Hammer, 33.06m
Hannah Shaw, U15G, Heptathlon, 2835pts & Pentathlon 2266pts

And English Schools selections for a number of athletes such as Lauren Ferris, Cameron Meakin, Josh Herrington.

Female Athlete
For a 2nd year, this award has been awarded jointly.

Carys McAulay and Harriet Knowles-Jones have taken huge steps forward this year, both regularly representing their countries in major competitions.

Carys got to go Samoa and Columbia with her performances. Her 800m PB and club record was lowered by over 4 seconds to an impressive 2.05. And also, got down to 55.66 seconds in the 400m. She took part in Northern, England, Scotland Championships and the Celtic Games. A great season and hopefully will continue to build on it this year. Most recently she has just won the Northern Athletics indoors 800m. She�s out celebrating her 18th birthday tonight so not with us but well done Carys.

Harriet has also got to travel the world with her athletics. She represented GB at the World Youth Champs in Columbia setting a great 1500m PB of 4 mins 18. She�s also been France for the SPAR European Cross Country and most recently Edinburgh for the Great Edinburgh Cross Country international � on both occasions she got the silver. She qualified for the World Junior Cross Country Championships in China in March but was unable to make it due to visa issues. She took the gold medal at the Cheshire, Manchester Schools and English National cross country champs for U17s. She has lowered club records for the 1500m to 4.18.38 and for the 3000m 9min 23.76 seconds. The 2nd winner of the female athlete of the year for 2015 is Harriet-Knowles Jones. Harriet has been asked at short notice to represent England in the Cardiff Cross Country challenge so has ducked out of tonight.

Male Athlete
The winner of the male athlete of the year award has improved huge amounts this last year and well-deserved because of his hard work in training.

He started the year well with gold medals in the 200m at the Northern and then the England Indoor championships. This was followed with golds at both the Cheshire Country (200m) and the Cheshire Schools (300m) championships in May and June. He represented the club at the Youth Development League meetings and set a club record and smashed his PB at the Mason Trophy meeting with 36.17 seconds for the 300m. He picked up a bronze at Gateshead in the English Schools meeting in July representing Cheshire.

All in all, a great season and very well done to a member of Karen Greenfield�s group - Tom Baines.

Chaiperson's Presentation

A further thank you to the Club Chairperson. It�s been a challenging time for Joanie, especially these last few months, but she has continued to direct the club and put in the many, many voluntary hours in support of all the club activities, including much of tonight�s events. She mentioned to me the other night that she had been cooking a curry so we�ve got some vouchers for Ricky and her to go for an Indian at The Cottage restaurant.

Thank You

I would like to say a final thank you to all athletes, coaches, volunteers and parents for their continued efforts in making the club such a welcoming, friendly and active hub for members and visitors. Let�s hope 2016 is as successful. Also, sending our get well soon wishes to Nev who we hope to see back at the track soon.