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Northern Cross Country Championships I 28th Jan 2017
Last edited: Tuesday January 31st 2017

Warrington Athletic Club were well represented in the North Of England Cross Country Championships held at Knowsley Safari Park on Saturday 28th January.

In the Under 20 Women's race European Bronze Medallist Harriet Knowles-Jones was in imperious form in the two lap race moving into the lead just before the end of the first lap she opened up the lead and eventually crossed the line 63 seconds clear and with Alysha Goddard 36th and Jasmin Dobson 40th the team finished just outside the medals in 4th place on 77 points.

In the under 17 women's race Lauren Ferris finished in 17th place with Lauren Goddard 34th and Amy Nuttall 64th while at under 15 Siobhan Gregory led home the team in 81st place with Olivia Doodson 96th,Natalie Chamun 157th,Fay Humphreys 175th and Isla Kenworthy 178th with the team in 20th place.

In the under 13 race Orla Gregory led in the squad in 77th place and the counting runners were Eva Ferris 112th, Maisie Bell 1114th and Hannah McClorey 161st the team finished in 16th place on 464 points.IsobelHoughton finished in 184th with Abby Hills on her club debut 192nd and Nicole Eastburn 196th having run 3/4 of the race with one shoe. All girls in this age group will still be in the same age group next year.

In the under 13 boys race Rhys Hopkins finished in 105th place with Reece Connell 171st and Gareth McClorey 187th.

In the under 15 race Joe Buckley had a superb run moving up in the final kilometre to finish in 4th place. Jordan Jones finished in 34th place and Isaaq Ataullah was in 86th place.

In the under 17 men's ace Sam Rostron led home the team in 21st place with Luke Gamble 25th Jack Stubbings in 30th and Jack Wadsworth 70th to bring the team home in 5th place on 146 points.

Chris Fance in the under 20 race was the final runner for the club finishing in 58th place.




77 Orla Gregory 13.39
112 Eva Ferris 14.10
114 Maisie Bell 14.13
161 Hannah McClorey 15.06
184 Isobel Houghton 15.42
192 Abby Hills 16.07
196 Nicole Eastburn 16.19
Team 16th 464 points


81 Siobhan Gregory 18.35
96 Olivia Doodson 19.02
157 Natalie Chamun 21.09
175 Fay Humphreys 25.42
178 Isla Kenworthy 26.02
Team 20th 509 points


17 Lauren Ferris 21.41
34 Lauren Goddard 22.30
64 Amy Nuttall 23.58


1 Harriet Knowles-Jones 20.47
36 Alysha Goddard 25.51
40 Jasmin Dobson 26.11
Team 4th 77 points



105 Rhys Hopkins 13.13
171 Reece Connell 14.11
187 Gareth McClorey 14.29


4 Joe Buckley 14.27
34 Jordan Jones 15.14
86 Isaaq Ataullah 16.23


21 Sam Rostron 21.07
25 Luke Gamble 21.19
30 Jack Stubbings 21.26
70 Jack Wadsworth 22.36
Team 5th 146 points


58 Chris Fance 32.31