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European under 20 Championships Grossetto Italy 20th - 23rd July 2017
Last edited: Monday July 24th 2017
Warrington Athletic Club’s under 20 star Harriet Knowles-Jones represented Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the 1500 metres in the European under 20 Championships in Grossetto Italy from 20th to 23rd July.In her heat on Friday 21st Harriet was second in 4 minutes 21.14 seconds to comfortably qualify for the final to be held on Sunday 23rd.In the final teammate Amelia Quirk led through 400 and 800 metres with Harriet and Jemma Reekie following before Georgieva of Bulgaria took over through 1200 metres.With the pace increasing approaching 200 metres to go Jemma Reekie (a training partner of Laura Muir and clubmate of Callum Hawkins) took the lead and pulled away to take the Gold Medal from Georgieva with Harriet coming through to take the Bronze Medal and Amelia finishing 4th.


1 Jemma Reekie GB&NI 4 minutes 13.25 seconds
2 Liliana Georgieva Bulgaria 4 minutes 16.73 seconds
3 Harriet Knowles-Jones GB&NI 4 minutes 17.53 seconds
4 Amelia Quirk GB&NI 4 minutes 19.23 seconds
5 Joana Staub Germany 4 minutes 20.04 seconds
6 Saija Seppa Finland 4 minutes 20.78 seconds
7 Leila Hadji France 4 minutes 22.36 seconds
8 Gaia Sabbatini Italy 4 minutes 22.84 seconds
9 Beata Topka Poland 4 minutes 24.16 seconds
10 Martina Tozzi Italy 4 minutes 25.14 seconds
11 Nadia Power Ireland 4 minutes 28.60 seconds
12 Yiva Traxler Austria 4 minutes 30.20 seconds