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Northern Road Relays Sportcity I 16th September 2017
Last edited: Saturday September 23rd 2017

The Northern Road Relays were held at Sportcity Manchester on Saturday 16th September with Warrington Athletic Club represented in five of the eight races.

The day started with the under 13 races, where each runner in the team had to complete a 3000m course.

In the under 13 boys race, Rhys Hopkins on the first leg ran well to hand over in 31st place with a time of 12.54 mins. Alex Lavery did well on the second stage with a time of 14.06 mins and handed over in 32nd place. The final stage was taken by Erik Marshall who carved his way through runners to move up 10 places to cross the line in 22nd place with 12.34 mins and total team time of 39.34 mins. With Horwich RMI team in 16th place not counting in the race this meant that Warrington finished in 21st place.

In the under 13 Girls race three teams started with Orla Gregory leading off for the A team and running an excellent race with 13.05 mins to hand over in 10th place. Molly Wormald had a strong run on the second stage to hand over in 14th place with 14.05 mins. On the final stage Emily Entwistle ran well recording 14.25 mins - for a total team time of 40.33 mins and a finishing position of 17th.

The U13 girls B team had Maisie Bell on the first leg and she ran well to hand over in 41st place with 14.35 mins. Lucie Davies took over for the second stage and moved up seven places with 14.46 mins. Isobel Houghton took over for the final stage moving the team into 33rd place with 15.05 mins - and total team time of 43.24 mins.

The U13 girls C team had Amelia Smithers on the first stage and Jasmine Jones on second recording times of 15.05 mins and 15.45 mins respectively but was unable to complete the race due to an incomplete team.

In the under 17 men’s and women's races each runner had to complete a 3500m course.

In the U17 men's race, Joe Buckley ran well on the first stage to hand over in 9th place with 11.38 mins. Jack Wadsworth on 2nd leg ran strongly throughout recording 12.19 mins to hand over in 11th place. Jordan Jones took over for the final stage and with an excellent run charged through to finish in 5th place with a time of 11.35 mins, recording the 13th fastest individual time of the day. Their total team time was 35 minutes 32 seconds.

In the under 17 Women’s race, Olivia Baker ran well on the first leg recording 14.38 mins to hand over in 16th place. Liz Wright took over for the second leg and moved the team up into 10th place with a good run of 14.17 mins. The final stage was taken by Amy Nuttall who ran very well despite large gaps in front of her to move the team up into 7th place with 14.42 mins - and a total team time of 42.55 mins.

The day was brought to an end for the club by the senior men’s race, which involved 6 stages of 4-miles each, with Jack Green leading off on the first leg with an excellent run of 21.23 mins , handing over in 40th place. On 2nd leg was 17 year old Luke Gamble who ran very well recording a time of 22.03 mins. On the 3rd leg was 20 year old Chris Fance with 22.07 mins to hand over in 42nd place. On the 4th stage was 17 year old in Jack stubbings with 23.05 mins handing over in 43 place. Then 17 year old Daniel Fox took over for the penultimate stage, and with 22.50 mins moved the team back up into 40th place before handing over to veteran Andy Green for the final stage. Andy, although not fully fit, recorded 23.52 mins - for a total team time of 2 hours 15 minutes 20 seconds crossing the line in 44th place. However with 12 teams being disqualified in the race 5 of which finished in front of Warrington the team officially finished in 39th place.