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Northern Cross Country Relay Championships I 21st Oct 2017
Last edited: Sunday October 22nd 2017
Teams from Warrington AC travelled to Graves Park in Sheffield on Saturday 21st October to compete in the Northern Cross Country Relay Championships, over a hilly course which was made even more difficult by the testing weather conditions as Storm Brian hit.

The day started with the U17 Mens race where Joe Buckley recorded the 12th fastest time in the race with 7.31 mins to hand over in 7th place. Jack Wadsworth took over and ran excellently to hand over in 8th place with 7.53 mins, to hand over to Jordan Jones who held 8th position with 7.43 mins.

Next up was the girls under 11's race. The A team led off by Rhianon Wilkes in 15th place recording 6.15 mins while the B team led off by Corin Smith handed over in 14th place in 6.12 mins. On the second stage Harriet Bell recorded 6.17 mins for the A team moving them up to 13th place while Esme Heavey for the B team ran 6.27 mins to hand over in 16th place. The final stage was taken for the A team by Eva Karalius who moved through to finish in 9th place with a time of 6.09. The B team were brought home by Alice Nicholson in 12th place with 6.35.

In the Boys race Rory Gregory was on the first stage and ran well to hand over in 26th place with a time of 6.09 mins. Jacob Pryor took over for the second stage and had an excellent run with the 19th fastest time of the race in 5.38 moving up to 14th place in the process. Tom Welsby took over for the final stage and ran well to finish in 15th place with a time of 6.02 mins.

In the under 13 Girls race there were three teams out with Orla Gregory continuing her good form with an excellent run of 6.26 mins in 7th place for the A team while the C team were led off by Amelia Smithers with an excellent run to finish in 33rd place with 6.57 mins, and the B team very close behind with Emily Entwistle in 36th place in 7.00 mins. On the second stage Molly Wormald ran well to record 6.56 handing over in 13th place, while Lucie Davies for the B team handed over in 30th place with a good run of 7.12 and Jasmine Jones gave everything for the C team handing over in 36th place after 7.43 mins. The final stage was taken by Maisie Bell who ran excellently to hold her position for the A team until the final few strides when two girls proved to be just slightly stronger and Maisie had to settle for 15th place having run a fantastic 6.58 mins. The B team was brought home in 29th place by Eva Ferris with a fab run of 7.09. And Shauna Clarke for the C team ran strong to record 8.01 mins to finish in 39th place.

The day for the club was brought to a close by Harriet Knowles-Jones who ran the first stage in the Senior Women's race. Harriet,who won the Bronze Medal in the World Under 20 Championships 1500 metres, showed her class to storm away from the opposition to come home in 11.30 mins - this was the fastest time in the race. But unfortunately the team was incomplete.