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Walton Garden Cross Country | Saturday 18th November 2017
Last edited: Wednesday November 8th 2017
Just to remind everyone who took part in the Warrington Athletic Club - Walton Garden Cross Country Event, the next race will be held on Saturday 18th November 2017Y (not the 11/11/2017 as previously listed on the original event sheet).

We did try and inform as many teachers/parents/carers/young people at the first event of this change.

Also just to let you know that we will be giving each child who attends the last event on 09/12/2017 a badge for taking part (but this will only be given to the children that take part on the day so it is important that all children complete the last event). There will also be a new award of a trophy for the Primary School boys and girls winning team as well as medals. This trophy will be used each year so will need to be returned prior to next year's event.