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Coach's Name: Russ Tart Russ Tart Pic
Coach's Discipline: Middle Distance
Age Groups:
Russ has been involved with Warrington Athletic Club for most of the 2000's and was responsible for the important role of young athlete development via the Club's induction group. The impact Russ has had with this group can be measured by the success of the Club's junior section (see history) and he has been involved in the early coaching periods of many of our top athletes including Matt Jackson, Danny Cliffe et al.

Russ has also been involved with team management in Track & Field and Sports Hall athletics, managing Warrington teams at National Sports Hall Finals in addition to taking charge of the Cheshire County sports hall teams. Moving on, 2009 sees Russ taking on a new phase with his coaching as he develops an exciting group of under 13 female middle distance athletes. The group have made a great start to the 2009 track season and we will watch their progress with interest.
Professional Achievements:
Russ has spent the last 8-9 years developing the Club's induction group. It is recognised that through Russ's efforts and experience Warrington Athletic Club have some of the brightest athletic talents in the region and some of Russ's youngsters have gone on to national recognition. Warrington Athletic Club and it's coaches recognise the invaluable input Russ has had in the development of all our athletes before they move to the specialist training groups for the various track & field events. Russ has now moved on to develop the under 13 middle distance group.

U13 Girls North of England Road Relay Champions - 2009;
U13 Girls National Road Relays 2nd place - 2009;
U13 Girls North of England Cross Country Champions - 2010;