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Joanie & Rick
Last edited: Friday February 11th 2022
After approx. 20 years of supporting Warrington AC, our Chairperson, Joanie Smythe, has decided to step down from the volunteer role. Warrington AC would like to express their gratitude for the commitment that Joanie (and Rick) have provided over the years. Joanie first came to the club with son Jack who went on to be a very successful athlete for club and country. Joanie was unable to escape when Jack left the club and has served as Chairperson for many years, carrying out various tasks such as WBC liaison, training, club shop (stock and opening), kit supplies and much more. She was the club spokesperson in many areas. Standing on the gate, collecting fees, especially in the colder months is no appealing task but one that Joanie has done for years. She has been very successful of late in agreeing and controlling club activities during the Covid pandemic. It is surprisingly common how often people forget that our admin, coaches and officials are all volunteers and, on behalf of the club, we would like to send a big thank you to Joanie and Rick for the time they have committed. Feel free to comment your thoughts/experiences/support/thanks on the related Facebook post.