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Please note the Club Constitution (below) is under review and will be revised at the next available Annual General Meeting so that it is more representative of current practices and behaviours.

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The Child Protection Policy serves principally to protect the child, but also to provide protection for the Coach or Adult Volunteer. It is important to report any safeguarding concerns immediately to the Warrington Athletic Club Welfare Officer Helen Darbyshire. Child abuse can take the form of physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect and / or sexual abuse. Again, it is important for you to stay calm, reassure the child and not to promise anything should you suspect child abuse. If your son / daughter talks to you about a possible incident such as outlined above, allow him / her to talk freely, without too much questioning, and then record as much information as possible. WAC would request that you then do not discuss the incident with others until the Welfare Officer has had time to investigate and reply to your concerns. Your son / daughter, and indeed yourself as a parent / guardian, should do as much as possible to make sure that he / she is not placed in a vulnerable position. This would include making sure that children are delivered and collected on time from training and competition events.

Child Protection Referral Form

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Safeguarding Children Welfare Policy 2020

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Transsexual People and Sport

UKA Policy on Transgender Competitors (2018)